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Throughout most of our 700 years history, we have been making exceptionally fine samurai swords and today, we are known for our uchihamono, the traditional Japanese knives and scissors that are produced by a process similar to that used in the fashioning of samurai swords. Our company is the only cutlery manufacture in Japan who progressed from sword business.

There were only a few swordsmith who were assigned to make a sword especially for the emperor (Gotoba around 1100s). Our ancestor, Shiro was one of swordsmith chosen by the emperor. Because of his excellence, he was permitted to use a Chrysanthemum flower symbol on his sword. (Chrysanthemum flower is the symbol for the emperor in Japan.) Now you will find Chrysanthemum flower symbol on our cutlery.

Today, we have our ancestor's sword displayed at Seikado museum in Tokyo as a national treasure in Japan. Since Samurai era ended in 1868, we have gradually changed our business to producing fine cutlery. Most of our knives are hand made and the different professionals finish each process.